About the Journey

What is it?

 CSN Collision Centres is launching a campaign to raise funds for Make-A-Wish® Canada by driving the “CSN Wish Mobile” from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Beginning on World Wish Day (April 29th, 2020) CSN will begin our cross Canada journey making stops at participating CSN locations along the way. To drive awareness and generate public support we will invite local and national media to the kickoff event in Newfoundland. CSN, in conjunction with the support of Make-A-Wish® will develop a microsite (csndrivingwishes.ca) to capture the details of the campaign, showcase our partnerships, and track the progress we are making in achieving our goal. It will also allow us to show where we are in our journey and give access to followers of our campaign to submit donations to this amazing Canada wide effort to grant wishes! 

Each geographic area will have a specific child that they are raising money for. We will be creating in-store posters for each shop that will display the wish of the child for their region (BC, Alberta, ON and Atlantic Canada). 

How does it work?

 Each of our CSN licensees are being asked to contribute $1,000 to the CSN Driving Wishes campaign. By doing so they become eligible to be 1 of 20 locations that will be featured along the CSN Wish Mobile’s stops as we traverse the country. During each of these stops there will be campaign highlights such as photo opportunities, local news media coverage, community outreach events, and in-person visits from Make-A-Wish Kids. The goal of the campaign is to raise $200,000 to grant wishes to children across the country. 

The vehicle delivering the message for our campaign is our CSN Wish Mobile. The CSN Wish Mobile will stand-out and capture people’s attention as it visits communities across the country. It will be fully decaled with the CSN colour palette, logo, Make-A-Wish graphics and potentially some added features that will ensure that the car cannot be missed. As the car travels from province to province on its journey to the west coast, anyone who spots the car will be able to use the #csnwishmobile hashtag along with a photo to take part in the campaign. This will promote engagement on social media where users can like, share, and comment on the campaign posts.